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2nd November

ULTIMATELY you alone know the condition of your faith. I hope that, no matter what may happen, you will steadily and faithfully maintain the kind of faith that can build happiness.

SINCERITY and integrity are important. Be it in our work, in introducing others to Buddhism, or in the area of diplomacy, sincerity is the means by which we can deeply win the hearts of others. And, it is this sincerity which provides the key to true, final victory. Manifesting sincerity requires incredible dedication and effort, not to mention prayer.

SO long as we are alive, we are bound to experience various fears and worries. These are like clouds that block the light of the sun. Regardless of appearances, the sun rises with the same majesty even when it is rainy or windy. So long as the sun of faith in one's heart continues to blaze, one's life will shine with happiness.

IT is important to remember that everything is up to you. If you are determined to absorb everything you can, you will most likely learn something from any meeting you attend. If you were to make the effort to attend a meeting but return home without having gained a thing, that would be your loss.

IN life, there is nothing more precious, correct and important than faith. For that very reason, please do no forget that it is an act of the deepest parental love and affection to, above all, encourage your children to live in the “garden of the SGI”.

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