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3rd November

A person may have all the wealth and treasure in the world, but viewed from the perspective of the ultimate reality of life, such things are mere illusions. We cannot carry them with us into the next existence. The most important thing is to build an indestructible “palace of happiness” within our own life. This is the purpose of Buddhism and of Buddhist practice.

THERE is no need to be impatient. Faith is a lifelong process, spanning the three existence of past, present and future. What is important is to make plenty of friends and work at solidifying those relationships. Introducing others to Buddhism and striving for kosen-rufu is just an extension of the spirit of friendship that wishes those we care about become happy.

DAIMOKU is the fundamental source of vitality. It is also the way to solve one's actual problems. Through daimoku, one can acquire a profound and respectworthy state of life, surpassing anything else, in which he/she enjoys himself/herself in the world.

THE Daishonin's Buddhism is a great Law which allows common mortals to display their humanity freely just as they are, without restriction. This Buddhism neither compels one to undergo special austerities nor demands one's becoming some kind of special human being. Common mortals can attain Buddhahood just as they are, in their present form. The greatness of the Daishonin's Buddhism lies in this point.

THE Gohonzon exists within our life. The Gohonzon, or object of worship, to which we pray is the external cause enabling us to tap the power of the Gohonzon within us. People of strong faith make their own lives shine as the entity of the Gohonzon. It is impossible that such people could fail to become happy.

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