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13th December

YOU can chant for as many things as you like. A person with many wishes and dreams should pray earnestly to fulfil each one. Buddhism is reason. Sometimes our immediate prayers are realised and sometimes they are not. When we look back later, however, we will be able to say with absolute conviction that everything turned out the way it did for the very best.

GAKKAI activities for the sake of kosen-rufu include two aspects of faith and practice. It is impossible to continue along the strict path of Buddhist practice if you forsake the organisation or your friends in faith. Alone you would be unable to continue a sincere practice of gongyo, daimoku and shakubuku for long.

WISDOM is not merely the accumulation of information or knowledge; rather, it is the ability to use information and knowledge to create value. Wisdom, therefore, concerns the entire human being. Creativity and originality, for example, are part of wisdom. Character, philosophy and action are also included in wisdom.

WE need to unite and pray in the spirit of "many in bodies but one in mind". When everyone prays together for victory in the endeavour to "refute the erroneous and reveal the true", our daimoku becomes that of the lion king. When everyone prays with one mind, kosen-rufu advances with increasing momentum. Prayer itself is the greatest power with which to forge ahead.

YOU are who you are. All you have to do is to walk resolutely in a manner true to yourself along your own path. The important thing is having the courage to fight evil or negative forces which obstruct the path of your conviction. If you leave evil to its devices, it only multiplies and will eventually make us its accomplices. Good exists only in one’s genuine efforts to fight evil.

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