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14th December

THE Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin is a perfect teaching - a flawless, true principle. Therefore, when one challenges oneself for kosen-rufu, none of the time and effort one spends is sacrificed. Due to the power of the True Law, every effort turns into one's own fortune and benefit, as well as a driving force to enjoy one's life fully and contribute to society greatly.

EVERYTHING depends on our heart, on our mind of faith. As the Daishonin said, "Faith alone is what really matters." (MW1, p246) Attaining Buddhahood, that is, establishing a life condition of absolute happiness depends entirely on the strength of our faith. Therefore, our heart must not be swayed. We must not allow our heart to be affected by envy and cowardice, but should develop a heart of faith that is strong and magnanimous. For herein lies happiness.

PLEASE never give in to defeat. For a seed to sprout, it must exert tremendous effort to break out of its outer covering. To reach outside to view the blue sky above, that sprout must then valiantly push its way up through a thick layer of soil.

PEOPLE are envied for their beauty, talent or good fortune; or because they are happy. Even the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law was envied. Actually, because he was the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law that Nichiren Daishonin was so resented and persecuted. But he endured everything and left behind the great teaching of ultimate happiness and peace for all mankind.

FAITH is something which, if you are fully convinced of its benefits, you continue on your own free will. Trust between parent and child is fundamental to this. As long as such bonds of trust exist, the parents’ prayers for their children’s happiness will communicate themselves.

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