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15th December

A happy person is one who can create pleasant memories in life. One, whose life condition enables him/her to create happy and joyful memories, even in times of hardship or sorrow, will undoubtedly become a winner in life.

BECAUSE there are negative forces around us, we can exert ourselves. Because we energetically engage ourselves, we can accumulate benefit. And because we work hard, we can savour supreme joy.

YOUTH is the spirit of persistence - to keep making an effort to grow and to become more capable despite all obstacles. Those who keep striving for improvement remain youthful no matter how old they are. Conversely, those who fail to do so, even if they are young in years, will be old and weak in spirit.

THE Mystic Law, the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, elucidates the principles for the truest and most correct way to live as a human being. Those who devote themselves to the Mystic Law will bring their lives to magnificent bloom, fragrant with eternal happiness transcending the boundaries of life and death. True happiness is not a matter of status but of whether or not one has lived a noble and upright life.

TO keep on living strongly, moving ever forward – this provides you with the strength not to let your life end as a tragedy. It is one of the knacks of leading a life of victory. Faint heartedness that leaves one nervous, trembling in fear or grieving whenever something appears is in itself a tragedy. It is pathetic.

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