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9th February

NO matter how much you may be suffering now, please be convinced that in the long run you will definitely accumulate great fortune, happiness, glory and victory in your life with the Gohonzon. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to realise that true faith lies in carrying out your practice of true Buddhism until the last moment of your life, no matter what.

EVERYTHING has a meaning if seen through the eyes of faith. As long as you have faith, everything that happens will act as a springboard to your own eventual triumph, even though you may not exactly see how that is so at the time. When you are sure of this, your life will be one of great and basic happiness.

IT is important to ponder how we can keep alive a constant freshness and create an invigorating atmosphere, so that we ourselves as well as others can set forth with renewed determination. Generally speaking, where leaders are sensitive to the feelings of others, everyone will be happy and content.

BUDDHISM, of course, teaches that "the mind is like a skilled painter". Like a skilled painter, the mind can freely draw and portray anything at will. Consequently, life itself is a great painting created by the mind. It is a work of art that our minds produce.

KOSEN-RUFU is an undertaking that we must pursue in society, in the real world. If we stand apart from society and just utter fine-sounding rhetoric, it will have no value. Kosen-rufu is an indomitable struggle for peace and justice in which we must strive unceasingly against the negative and destructive forces around in the real world.

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